Our wool is sourced from Australian Merino Farmers – growers of the world’s most luxurious breathable fibre. This raw fibre then journeys to the Biella region of Italy where each thread is woven into the premium fabric from which each suit is handcrafted.

Every Farage suit is made with the highest attention to detail and quality; it is designed to last you for many years to come. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your suit remains at its best. Air your suit outside, in the shade, after each wear to freshen We recommend that you dry clean only after every three to four wears Spot clean your suit after wear using look-warm water and a gentle detergent.

Store on a padded hanger and for those suits not in regular use keep in dust bag for protection. Avoid ironing your suit, opt for steaming instead.


The Shirt is the cornerstone of the Farage brand, our first ever product and the signature piece on which our factory was built. We take immense love in crafting our shirts for you and create it in the hope that if cared for in the same manner of which it’s made, it will last for years to come.

The Farage shirt is cut from 100% Cotton, a crisp, breathable natural fibre, which ensures wearability in all seasons. We do recommend that you launder your cotton garment after each wear.

We suggest you follow the below recommendations for launder, then for storage, once ironed, button the second & third button to secure, place neatly on a hanger, and straighten the collar and cuff; if room permits allow space between garments in your cupboard to avoid creasing.



Gentle cycle Cold Machine Wash with like colours
Hang to Dry in Shade
Iron on Warm Setting


From fine merino weaves to luxe cashmere and textured blends, Farage knitwear is expertly crafted by artisans using the world’s finest quality wool. By following these simple guidelines for launder and storage, your garment will become a wardrobe staple that will last a lifetime.

Once laundered, knitwear should be stored folded in a clean, dry area. We recommend you store with a moth repellent


Handwash gently, inside out with a special wool detergent. Be sure not to wring or scrub as this will degrade the natural fibre and cause pilling
Rinse thoroughly, wrap in a towel and gently roll to press out excess water
Place in shape and lay on a flat surface in the shade to dry
If necessary, use a cool iron with the garment inside out.


One of the most luxurious natural fibres, Silk has become a signature weave in Farage collections over the years. Whether it be 100% Silk blouses or dresses or blended with wool to produce fine tailored garments; quality remains at the forefront.

It is important to note that whilst Silk is one of the highest quality luxurious fabrics, it is also one of the most delicate. To care for your Silk Farage piece, and ensure long lasting wear, we recommend that you follow the below guidelines for launder and storage.

Silk does not need to be laundered after every wear, to freshen hang to air outside in shade for ventilation. When it does come time to launder, Mild Dry-Clean only Store on a soft padded hanger in a cool dry area away from sunlight


A Key pillar at Farage is innovation, it continuously drives and inspires us in every element of our business. It is this key driver that has seen us introduce synthetic fabrics into our signature collections every season, working closely with some of the most exciting and innovative fabric mills in Japan and Europe, the synthetic fabrics we source are extremely durable, breathable, and woven to stand the test of time. To care for your Synthetic Farage Garment, we recommend you follow the below guidelines for launder and storage.

For tailored garments, we recommend Mild Dry Clean as required

For woven garments, such as blouses and dresses, Delicate cool machine wash with Mild detergent

Do not tumble dry as heat can cause static and shrinkage Iron on a cool setting if necessary Store either folded or hanging in a dry area, away from direct sunlight