Tell us about your recent trip in Tokyo, Japan. What did you love the most about this bustling city?

Can we go back already? It doesn't feel like there are 37 million people living there and it doesn't feel overly touristy… I love how clean the city is and how different each prefecture is. Folk are super friendly and helpful, which was handy as I didn't speak any Japanese. I would love to explore more, which will require me spending more time in this incredible city and country.

Favourite neighbourhood in Tokyo and why? 

Shibuya & Ebisu is super cool, particularly for shopping and bars, but the coolest peeps are in Nakameguro & Daikan-Yama.



Top three things that culturally stood out to you in Japan? 

How bloody nice and considerate the people are. Cleanliness, followed by 'God-like' efficiency!

What inspired you most creatively in Tokyo?

So, the architecture is wild there, super inspiring. Building shapes so differently and defying gravity. Also, the dudes dress very well. Excellent suiting and accessories, particularly glasses, briefcases and totes.



What about the food? Was it as you expected?

Not at all... loved the gyoza and ramen, sushi rolls are super fishy and usually quite simple, unlike our westernised sushi. The Tempura vegetable soba noodles blew my mind.


Best place in Tokyo to DRINK / EAT / SHOP?

Anywhere that is a non-tourist small bar in Tokyo is guaranteed good times, loved the soba noodles in 'Piss Alley' Shinjuku. Japan takes small bar to an Olympic level.


How about the Japanese fashion?

Men dress very well, reminded me of London but way more avant garde. Most men had manbags, particularly totes.

Any local trends that stood out to you?

Seersucker fabric is everywhere, I even saw a suit made in grey/ black camo seersucker, so rad.


How was your retail experience in Tokyo? How would you compare it to Australia?

The department stores are seriously impressive, lot's of choice. If you're my size, there is very little available. Small to Medium built men would have a ball. Boutiques in Shibuya & Nakameguro really showcase local designers who cater for all four seasons extremely well. A lot of the designers do NOT ship worldwide, so bring some cash to make the most of the local wares.

Favourite Japanese designer?

Markaware- exquisite attention to detail, the designer is a relaxed tailoring master. Check out Marrkaware website here.


Your advice for someone visiting Tokyo for the first time?

Prepare. Observe the local customs, the Japanese live a very considerate polite lifestyle. It's also very easy to get lost. Map out trains to your desired destinations. Learn some basic Japanese language, it would be rather useful. Smash the (Lawsons) corner stores for BBQ pork sandwiches. Don't try to see Tokyo in less than 2 weeks.


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