Over the recent years you have become such a great Health & fitness ambassador, It’s an industry that has seen significant growth in recent years, what factors do you feel have attributed to this and why?

I think there are a few reasons for the growth. The first one is people are getting sick of being sick and slowly, people like myself are speaking up about the common misconceptions of what health really is and how to be healthy. We’ve seen the ‘healthy diet’ pyramid  go through some major changes of late and there’s still more to go as the accumulative effects of years of poor guidance and laziness have allowed preventable lifestyle diseases to become far to prevalent.

The other main reason I think has been a big influence is social media. It has allowed people to connect with one another and inspire one another. Now days, most people on social media would follow someone they aspire to in regards to health and fitness. This wasn’t available 10-15 years ago. The constant barrage of food, fitness and healthy bodies has to have some effect on us re-evaluating our own health.

The Robards Method takes a simplified approach to optimal health; talk to us about the health plan & what sets it apart from the other methods in the marketplace.


I designed The Robards Method fitness app to make it simple, really easy to follow and you can take it anywhere! There are so many programs out there promising results in just a few weeks while having to starve yourself. This is generally not sustainable and you see people bounce around like a yoyo. TRM is designed to give you healthy habits whilst equipping you with the knowledge that you continue for the rest of your life.

It has over 300 unique exercises that I’ve put into a graded exercise program, much like belts in karate. It’s really easy to follow and it’s just like having a personal trainer in your pocket. We’ve used animations to explain each exercise, and every level of the program is progressional enabling you to enter TRM at ANY fitness level.

Plus, you don’t need a gym membership. Most of the TRM program can be easily completed in an outdoor exercise park, or in your backyard with a simple set-up. There’s nothing better than an outdoor work out. Every starter pack comes with your very own set of TRM wooden rings. These guys pretty much replicate every machine in the gym and the instability of the rings builds super core and joint strength. You engage so many more muscles and therefore burn a heap more fat!


image-couple-training partner-GREYIt’s very common for people to commit to a new healthy lifestyle at the beginning of the year however inevitably life gets in the way for most & the gym membership falls by the wayside; what tips would you give to help people stay motivated?

Find a training partner and keep each other accountable

Set goals and don’t stop until you achieve them. With TRM you have a grading every month so your goals are not purely weight or aesthetic. Sometimes these type of goals will slow down and people lose motivation, you need great outcome measures and milestones to aim for and keep you motivated

Take some time after each workout to really take in how good it feels. Imprint that in your brain and come back to it when you are tossing up about going to the gym

Plan your week. Make time for exercise and be clear on WHY it is important to you. Its usually more than just to look a bit better. What does looking better mean to you? What does feeling better allow you to do? Is the underlying reason because you want to bring more energy to your marriage? to your kids? you’re single and you want to attract a new partner? These are usually the emotional drivers and use them in a positive way.

Yourself & and Anna are such a beautiful couple, do you have any specific plans for Valentine’s Day?

Valentines day is coming up? Damn I’d better organise something haha! (everyday is valentines day for us!)

You’ve always been a great Farage Ambassador; what is it about our brand that keeps you coming back?

The suits are a great cut and there’s usually something that sets them aside from a lot of others out there. I feel great in them when I’m on a red carpet!


How would you describe your personal style?

I like to go simple and comfortable during the day. I’ll usually throw on a white T and a nice pair of jeans. The trick is getting the fit to suit your body shape. A simple white T can look great if it compliments your shape. At night i like to dress it up a bit, especially if I have an event. Again I think the fit is so important, more so than the fabric and brand of your shoes etc… I’m not sure of the fashionista terms but I think the items should be chosen carefully, but then look like you’ve not tried hard at all!

A perfect Saturday for you would consist of…

A boxing class in the morning, followed by breaky at a cafe, maybe a game of tennis or a visit from the family, topped off with an arvo dip and some fish (maybe a couple of chips) at the beach on sunset. That was actually my day yesterday!



Best Eat…Best eat- china doll – service, quality and ambience…

Best Drink…Best drink- the Baxter Inn- a great ‘old fashioned’

Best Kept Secret…Addicted! (Double ristretto, dash maple syrup, chilli, cacao nibs and touch of dollop cream)