You originally studied Law & then went on to tenure in the Banking industry; how did you take this experience & transition into beauty with the Launch of BLAQ?

My previous jobs taught me to strategize in business. It’s important to take each life experience into the next chapter. Skincare has always been a personal passion, so I decided to chase this, and it’s been a successful journey so far. I’m learning more each day as I continue to grow the business and brands.

Talk to us about BLAQ; how did it come about & what is it about this brand that sets it apart from other beauty brands on the market?

BLAQ was created whilst on a trip to Japan a few years ago. K-Beauty hadn’t been westernised just yet. So, I met with manufacturers and suppliers to reformulate the charcoal peel-off face mask, took out the nasties and reimaged it for the western market. From there I knew I couldn’t just stop at one and that’s when my team and I went back and created this narrative in skincare on the basis and benefits of activated charcoal and what one can achieve from this hero ingredient.


With an increasing focus on wellness & sustainability; we tend to have witnessed a boom in Clean Beauty.  Would you agree & did this impact on your decision to launch Generation Clay? Tell us about this range…

Generation Clay is a brand I wanted to create to celebrate my Australian roots. As consumers have become more aware of what they apply to their skin, I was conscious of making a range of face masks that are topically clean and with Australian unearthed superfruits such as: Davidson and Kakadu Plum. When creating Generation Clay, I wanted to factor in the benefits of multi-masking. Sometimes applying of one mask may not provide the best result in specific areas of the face, multi-masking is a powerful application in one session: The Ultraviolet Brightening Clay Mask works well to brighten and even out the complexion, which can be applied just under the eye area, Detoxifying Charcoal on the T-Zone for common oily areas and the Urban Defence Purifying Pink on the chin, forward and cheeks, works well for girls during hormonal pimple areas of the face.


You’ve been a great supporter of Farage over the years; what is it about our brand that you admire?

Farage has a been a brand that I’ve known forever, there’s always great staple pieces from any collection that I can still rework. Classic and strong tailoring.

How would you describe your personal style?

Laidback luxe. I like pieces that are comfortable and functional. Athleisure with a luxury touch.


What are the top three wardrobe essentials that you feel every man should own?

A tailored suit. Classic white tee and a good pair of jeans that can be worn casually and sophisticatedly.


What’s next for BLAQ & yourself; plans for 2020?

The BLAQ Group just launched its third brand called Flight Mode, which I’m excited to announce the Australian launch this month. It’s a range that’s dedicated to the travel categories. It is beneficial for hydrating your complexion, ensuring that your arrival complexion is glowing. Our hero product, the Nano Cloud Face Mister is definitely the one to watch. 2020 is going to be another big year as we prepare for our LA office and further our existing brands worldwide.


Best Eat: Icebergs Roof Deck

Best Drink: San Pellegrino Sparkling Water with lemon or a green smoothie.

Best Kept Secret: Nielsen’s Park


Photoshoot location: East Village Hotel 

Ryan Channing is styled in Farage SS19/20 Collection 

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