Paramount by the office space is such has such an international vibe; tell us about the inspiration behind the concept.

I think that international feel is both a product of the incredible Paramount Pictures building that houses us, and the luxury element of the overall design, the materials used and the level of finishes.  We wanted to capture some of the glamour and decadence of the mid fifties when this building was the centre of Paramount’s operation in Australia, but also to reinterpret in a way that was arresting and yet entirely functional.

We drew our clues from the curves and lines of this heritage but reinterpreted for a new working style. As a shared space, the challenge was that each tenant would work independently but we also wanted to invite organic interactions within common areas.  The overall flow of the final design has created a lovely rhythm through the space and culminates in the atrium kitchen space where the sculptural brass bar creates a centre point for gathering and social interactions.


We were thrilled to collaborate with The Office Space to deliver your team uniform; what was your thought process behind the decision to introduce a uniform & why Farage?

Beyond delivering a beautiful architectural office environment, the level of services we offer our business clients is something that sets our business apart.  We wanted to communicate these ideals of customer experience and professionalism out to our clients but also to their clients coming into the space.  For us, Farage was a natural choice as it is both premium and accessible, and proudly Australian. Our brief was to create a collection that wasn’t ‘uniform’ in true sense, but worked seamlessly together to ensure our staff looked elegant and separated us from our clients.  We are delighted with the result – timeless black and white, paired with beautiful charcoals and blush accents with classic Farage tailoring.  We even have clients joking that they want to join The Office Space team to get in on the gorgeous clothes.



In recent years we have noticed the worlds of Fashion & Interiors become increasingly connected; what’s your perspective on this?

There is lovely synergy between fashion and architecture.  Both disciplines start with strong design principles as a foundation, both elevate the ‘look’ by using high quality materials, and both use clever details and surprising elements to impart personality and flair.  When you are lucky enough to wear beautiful clothes within an amazing work space it’s design nirvana!

What is inspiring you at the moment?

Probably everyone’s European holiday snaps whilst we make our way through a very cold southern hemisphere winter.  Professionally, the brave people who run their own business inspire us daily.  It takes intelligence, nouse and a lot of courage to take an idea and put everything into making it a reality.  We love seeing how our resident businesses navigate this daily and its fantastic to see growth and success come their way.



How would you & Boris describe your personal styles?

Naomi: My style is classic and very feminine but Boris shops for me a lot and always pushes the envelope in what he buys.  I love balance, so a beautiful flowing skirt with a sharp blazer, or an elaborate dress with sneakers.  My ultimate piece is the Farage Monica blouse.  I described to Joe exactly what I imagined for a signature piece that would tie our collection together and the Monica blouse fit the brief perfectly – including the burn out fabric and sheer sleeves.

I think Boris is an exceptional dresser – he always looks immaculate, even after a day working onsite or in his joinery workshop. It helps that he is 6”6 (and very handsome!) so can carry off almost any look.  His staples are Lanvin, Dior and Commes Des Garcon – and Farage!  In 10 years I’ve never seen him looking dishevelled or unkempt – it’s a matter of personal pride.

Boris:  My dressing starts from the ground up.  The shoe always matches my mood on waking and sets the tone for the rest of my outfit – and my day!  I have a severe shoe fetish – to the point where I had to convert our laundry cupboard into a floor to ceiling shoe cupboard.  Luckily my 3 eldest sons are as tall as me so they can make the most of any cast offs.  As a maker, I appreciate the craft of making in everything and clothing is no exception.  My style is smart casual but always with particular detail or cut.  Perhaps my style is bipolar – brogues, shirt  and jacket one day, sneakers, jeans and sweater the next.

Name 3 things each of you absolutely cannot live without

Naomi: My husband, my 2 boys, and my three step sons

Boris: My family, shopping, and a good book

A perfect Sunday for you would consist of…

Naomi: A run around Mrs Macquaries chair, family lunch and a lazy afternoon.

Boris: coffee, paper, and afternoon nap




  • Best Eat …  A newcomer, Fire Door on Mary Street in Surry Hills is sensational.  Lennox is a true artisan – his skill with charcoal and flame elevates any dish from marron tails and rib eye to lettuce leaves is sublime.
  • Best Drink … Wild Rover on Campbell Street in Surry Hills is a hidden gem that never disappoints.
  • Best Read… We have very different reading preferences but we both loved the utterly charming “The Young and Prodigious TS Spivet” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
  • Best Kept Secret… Mario’s gyro at The Reservoir on Reservoir Street is to die for.  Knowing his Greek heritage Boris told him to stop cooking fancy lunch fare and serve food his mum would make for him.  Its now their most popular dish – selling almost one hundred a day.