Talk to us about ADAPT X1, what was the inspiration behind it & how did it come about?

The fitness industry as a whole has generally lacked new product innovation.  Traditional resistance equipment (free weights/machines) are outdated and inconvenient in its design.  The ADAPT team set out with a motivation to develop a convenient, quality, affordable and attractive fitness product that blends into the home and lifestyle.  We wanted our customers to experience a range of desirable workout benefits like increased core strength and stability, lean muscle development and improved cardio health.  The result of 3yrs of engineering was the ADAPT Cable Trainer, a world-first in home fitness.

At Farage we are very much inspired by architecture and sleek design; the ADAPT X1 Cable Trainer certainly fits the mould; how conscious were you of its minimalist aesthetic during the development of the design?

An inviting, sleek and minimalist design were all priorities during the product development phase.  We wanted to ensure the Cable Trainer was attractive; to look at, purchase and to use.  Our design is almost contrary to all other exercise equipment available on the market.  All of our customers to date absolutely love the look and feel of the product.

As a Personal Trainer, I appreciate that you have a great understanding of the importance of daily exercise; now that we’re all indoors & gyms are closed what technologies are you embracing to keep your clients motivated?

Haha, I guess after 15yrs in the industry you could say that!  But I can honestly admit I am only just appreciating now the true importance of daily activity, along with variety in your exercise regime.  I use the ADAPT Cable Trainer daily as well, both myself and with clients I still train – so I suppose our product is a new technology I am embracing to keep my clients motivated.  I personally wear an Apple Watch all day every day, which records my exercise time, stand time and breathing relaxation reminders. I also encourage my clients to wear a movement tracker each day as well.  The data doesn’t lie!



What are your top three tips to staying fit during Isolation; particularly when most of us are now working from home with little time outdoors.

1) Move every day (even if only for 10 minutes).  This could be a brief walk around the block or performing a few bodyweight exercises at home. 2) Keep motivated with food preparation 3) Increase your in-home workout options by purchasing an ADAPT Cable Trainer!

I have found that when working from home, the way to boost motivation and kickstart my productivity is to stick to my regular morning routine as much as possible; what does a typical morning consist of for you?

I agree a routine is super important.  Mine consists of an early start, protein shake with coffee and a quick run or workout.  I personally like to exercise first thing in the morning as it clears the mind and gives me a ton of energy to ensure a productive start to the day. I’ll check emails and assess where to approach the day first, and then I usually touch base with the members of the ADAPT team for any updates.


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