As a lifestyle influencer & former Miss Universe I take it that no two days are ever same; what does a typical working week look like for you?

You’re very right in that no two days are the same! Because of my varied career lifestyle, I like to create some consistency in my day to day by waking up at a similar time every day (6.30am) and starting each day with a warm glass of saltwater with apple cider vinegar to rehydrate and alkalise my body. I then do some exercise - either heading to the gym for a HIIT, Pilates or weights class, or taking my neighbour’s goldendoodle, Squishie, for an hour- long power walk. I find incorporating exercise in the morning really sets my day off in a great way and enhances my positive mindset. Then I get home, shower and get ready for my working day.  This could be anything from attending an event for a new product launch or brand showcase, to a photoshoot for one of the brands I work with, a street style shoot for my social media, interviews, meetings, an MC role - or multiple things from above!


What would you consider to be the three essential items no working woman’s wardrobe should be without?

  • A power suit that is tailored to your body like a glove. Something that makes you feel powerful and confident every single time you put it on. 

  • A great fitting pair of jeans that work well for casual Friday paired with a blazer (and perfect for after-work drinks with the addition of some sexy heels). 

  • A good red lipstick. From personal experience, a quick application of red lipstick makes you feel more confident and put together almost instantly. It elevates your look no matter what you’re wearing, and I particularly like it styled with a slicked back ponytail or bun for the ultimate “girl boss” vibe. 



Talk to us about what you’re working on right now & what’s next for Monika?

So many exciting things in the works right now! I’m the proud ambassador of some wonderful brands including IWC watches, Gregory Jewellers, Anthogenol (and a few exciting others yet to be announced) so I’m busy working with them in a variety of ways. I’m also working on launching something of my own (it’s in the early stages but I’m very excited about it!) And finally something that’s very close to my heart and important to me; I’ve begun speaking to girls and young women at schools about my journey thus far, and the lessens I’ve learnt in an attempt to inspire and encourage each and every one of them to be their happiest, most confident selves!

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d like to think of my personal style as effortless casual elegance. For me it’s more important to wear clothes that suit my style and flatter my body than it is to focus solely on wearing “on trend” pieces. My ultimate outfit that I feel most confident and “me” in would be a t-shirt paired with some denim high waisted cut offs, a leather jacket over my shoulder and some tan espadrille wedges. Oh, and I’d wear my hair in loose, beach waves with a fresh barely there makeup look. Simple, cool, classic and comfy. 



Finish this sentence; My perfect Saturday would be...

Knocking out an intense Pilates reformer class first thing and feeling proud of my efforts, before heading to my local organic farmers market to get all my delicious fresh produce for week ahead. My husband Alesandro and I would then head to brunch and just enjoy each other’s company. Then we’d go somewhere and enjoy the sunshine and nature; perhaps lay out on our picnic rug with some organic berries I’d purchased that morning! I’d read a book, Alesandro would have a little snooze, and we’d let the sun recharge us. Then that night we’d either go out for dinner with some of our friends (Sugarcane in Coogee or Chin Chin in Surry Hills for an epic Asian fusion feast sounds great!) or we’d just stay home and watch a movie on the couch with our two fur babies Paris and Charlie, munching away on some Cob’s popcorn and Well Naturally sugar free chocolate! 



Weekends in My City…

Best Eat                                    Son of a Baker (cafe) Sugarcane (restaurant)

Best Drink                               Turmeric latte at Hungry Chefs café

Best Kept Secret                     I’m sorry; I can’t tell you that – it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!!


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