In recent years we have noticed the worlds of fashion and interiors become increasingly connected. Why do you think this is?    

I think there is definitely an increased cross-pollination of fashion and interiors. We’re becoming exposed to so much visual inspiration through social media etc. that the boundaries between different forms of creativity – be it fashion, art, architecture or interiors – have blurred. I’ll often be influenced by a piece of art or the international runway collections when putting together a shoot concept or interior scheme. It all ends up on the mood board! I also think people are expressing themselves more through their interiors now – layering their spaces with objects of eclectic provenance, unique art etc. – in the same way they would have traditionally expressed themselves through their clothing. It’s all about style in the total sense.

How would you describe your workday style?

It has to be versatile. Usually I’ll be running around sourcing for shoots during the day, which can be crazy, then might have a meeting or be in the office, and then, in the evening, there could be an industry event, so I try to keep it pretty classic and simple but easy to dial up a notch if needed.

What’s the number one fashion item that you could never live without?

A good blazer is an essential. For an understated day-to-day look, I’m a fan of a classic white tee, denim jeans and loafers. Add a blazer to the mix and it takes a casual look and makes it chic.

When it comes to fashion trends, geographical location and weather holds significant influence. Would you say this is the same with interiors and if so how?

When styling a space I always start with an anchor piece – it could be a sofa, a rug, a significant piece of art etc. – but then once you have that anchor in place, you can really have fun and mix up the other elements – throws, cushions, accent chairs, lamps etc. – so the interior can evolve seasonally. In that way, interiors definitely respond to climate in the same way as fashion. More generally I think Australia’s climate and intense light lends itself to a relaxed aesthetic interiors-wise, with natural fibres and neutral tones. We also love a connection with the outdoors so there’s a lot of indoor greenery happening and we’re seeing outdoor entertaining spaces that have the same level of sophistication and panache that you would expect of a stylish interior.

Name three things that every home should never be without?

Apart from bare necessities, fresh flowers (or even a hacked-off tree branch from the garden!), original art and Champagne for emergency catch-ups.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

I am always inspired by travel, especially when visiting international furniture trade fairs and design festivals. I recently attended Maison&Objet Paris and IMM Cologne so am now feeling creatively charged! People pushing the boundaries in terms of art and design always inspire me and, right now, I really like DimoreStudio, Michaël Verheyden, Jonny Niesche, Egg Collective and Apparatus Studio. On the home front, emerging interior design firms TomMarkHenry and AP Design House are doing some really interesting and very beautiful work. They imbue their spaces with a collected sensibility so they feel authentically chic.

What are the key trends for interiors exciting you this winter?

This season, shades of powdery pink, dusty hues of terracotta and juniper are coming through alongside perennial favourite, indigo. These shades are juxtaposed with metal surfaces, such as brass, pewter and chrome to bring glam factor.

Weekends in my town…

  • Best Eat: Fred’s in Paddington for a long boozy lunch, Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Point for dinner and The Dolphin in Surry Hills for a mid-week bite.
  • Best Drink: A glass of Champagne or Scarborough chardonnay at Bambini Trust after work and a pinot grigio nightcap (with pappardelle!) at 10 William in Paddington.
  • Best Kept Secret: Sydney Harbour has so many fabulous hidden spots to explore of a weekend. Whether you’re doing some morning exercise (!) or having a lazy, rosé afternoon with friends, it’s always better with a view! Centennial Park is a favourite.

Images 1 and 4 (of Lucy McCabe): photographed by Alana Landsberry.
AP Design House images: photographed by Felix Forest.