When it comes to accessorizing a suit the devil is in the detail… Whether you’re dressing for the boardroom, the races or to say I Do; a true gentleman will always add the finishing touches to his outfit.  Joe met up with Luc Wiesman of D’marge at our new flagship in Martin Place to get the lowdown on how to style your suit for every occasion.

How do you go about selecting the appropriate shoe for a suit? What are your thoughts on pairing the sneaker with suit?

It’s so important to own more than one pair of dress shoes. Over time purchase and care for good quality leather shoes. Oxfords, brogues, monk-straps, black, brown, oxblood… the list goes on.

If you’re unsure, then play it safe. Pair black shoes with grey, charcoal and black suits; brown shoes with your blue suit is always a no brainer. You can get creative with different shoe styles but it’s harder to go wild with the colours.

When it comes to sneakers with a suit I’m all for it. In fact, I tend to wear classic white leather sneakers more often than dress shoes. However, when wearing sneakers I do not wear a dress shirt with my suit, instead I opt for a fitted white or black t-shirt. It’s different but people always comment, so I’m kinda hoping it’s right.

What are the key style-trends you’ve noticed coming through for watches this season?  Is there such a thing as One watch for every occasion?

We’ve seen a massive influx of watches with blue dials. At both Baselworld and SIHH (the major watch fairs), these styles were everywhere in men’s watches. Then you have the prominence of rose and red gold for those with more hefty watch budgets.

You’ll also see a decrease in prominence of oversized watches. Their days are numbered.

Brands who are synonymous with oversized watches are now making thinner and smaller versions to accommodate the guy who wears a suit to work.

When is it essential to accessorise with finishing touches such as a pocket square or cufflinks?

If I have a blazer on I wear a pocket square….my rule. Doesn’t matter if it’s with shorts, t-shirt or a turtle neck like a Bond villain, the pocket square is essential.

On the cufflink front I don’t wear these as much anymore. The simple button up cuffs tend to be more casual and work better for my travel schedule, mainly because I’ve purchased too many pairs whilst travelling due to leaving cufflinks at home.

I recently spent two days looking for cufflinks and tuxedo shirt studs for a formal event in Tokyo. $300 later and a lot of Google Translate I found some.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing the right tie for an outfit?  What are the key trends with ties right now?

Again colour matching is as important as what shoe to pair with a suit. First rule, if you own any ties that resemble the bright shiny ones that Donald Trump wears then you need to take a good hard look at yourself…then burn them.

Go for ties with visible weaves in the fabric, polkadots and even knitted ties are still on trend.

Please get your tie knots right too. The four in hand is the one you want…with a dimple. It’s classic Italian style that isn’t over the top. It’s the knot of choice for James Bond.

When suited up; what’s the one thing you will never leave home without?

A smile. I’m not one for standing with a too cool for school look on my face for meetings, media walls or events. God cursed me with red hair for something I did in a previous life, so I’m making up for it now by dressing reasonably well and having a good attitude with all this fashion nonsense.

When it comes to the suit – Who’s style do you most admire & why?

Lapo Elkann. The guy just doesn’t give a sh*t. I met him last year at Baselworld and he’s so charismatic. I felt like asking if he wanted to be my friend. Sure, he may like the occasional drug fuelled bender and fake kidnapping but he is who he is. His suit selection is so unique and bold. It’s something very few men can get away with, and for that I salute him.


Best Eat…

The Paddington – Justin Hemmes can do no wrong. The Paddington has a little feeling of home cooked meals of which I don’t get of many these days.

Best Drink…

Bad Mumma in Bondi. The place is a bit of a dive but old mate Dukes makes the best Negroni in town.

Best Kept Secret…

The Sydney Observatory – take a date and learn a thing or two about just how big our universe really is. It will change your perspective on things.