Introduce us to Aidan; what led you to launching a luggage brand and what is it that sets this apart from others?

 AIDAN The Brand reflects a lifestyle and is the result of what I was constantly around. Having traveled the world and living in beautiful cities, I was always surrounded by creatives and go-getters, business-minded hustlers. One thing we commonly spoke about was their travel equipment, pieces of luggage that can endure long-haul and short flights without breaking the bank, that had key functionalities and inserts that really made packing as easy as possible. One key-feature AIDAN proudly owns is our stop-lock feature. I'm proud to say you will only find this feature in an AIDAN Signature Case - the hero product in our range. This differentiates us from others existing in the market. The Signature cases are noticeably light weight which move with ease due to their 360-degree Japanese Hinomoto wheels. TSA-approved locks with an in-built compression pad to push down your larger items, you're off and away!

Growing up in the beautiful Broome Western Australia, what drew you to building a life overseas; where's home to you now?

I think it all comes down to coming of age, and what I wanted for my future. I knew there was a life outside of WA, that I was meant to excel in and be surrounded by like-minded individuals. At the moment, home is between Sydney and LA where I can focus clearly on expanding AIDAN the brand.


What's your favourite Travel Destination?

The South of France. The South of France is an extremely sentimental place to me. A place where the rich and famous play, a place where history meets culture, and a place where lifestyle, entertainment and culinary experiences collide. The South of France is where I spend most of the Australian winter season and in particular, St Tropez, a place I like to call home.              


For someone that spends a lot of time travelling; what is it that you do when you arrive in a city that can make it feel like home?

I personally love staying in Airbnb versus hotels. The great thing is you can create your own foundation and personal space and select what you're most comfortable with. We all know what to expect from a hotel, but at the same time, does it really ever feel like home? Not always!  

Tell us about your work uniform; what will we catch you in the most?

If I had to sum up my work uniform, I would have to say Laidback Luxe. A mix of comfortable yet stylish pieces that complement each other that still conveys professionalism, with definitely my personal touch. You can't go wrong with a classic men's blazer, paired with slouch track pants. It's all on how you accessorise, know your fit and true ownership to what and how you wear pieces. Farage has done that so well and that's why there's not a piece I don't wear that isn't from Farage.


What are the three most indispensable clothing items you always travel with?

Trackpants, a casual blazer, and a white/black tee. These pieces can take you from flight to arrival to a business lunch in no time. I recommend comfort over anything. Classic silhouettes that stand the test of time.

What's the best style advise you've been given?

Be yourself and don’t be fashion victim. Make the most of finishing touches and develop your signature style. This will exude confidence and adding additional items such as jewellery will accentuate your features.