Firstly, Joe How are you doing?  It goes without saying that this year has been unique in its challenges… talk to us about how you’re managing this both as a business owner and as a father.

All things considered, I am well and feel incredibly lucky. I am so grateful to be healthy with a beautiful family and to be still working on what I am passionate about...

Let’s be honest, what a year it has been to date! Firstly, the bushfires then a global pandemic, it’s been a lot for everyone.  From a business perspective, we’ve truly had everything thrown at us; Across Farage’s 23 years, I had never imagined there would come a time we needed to close all stores with next to no notice. That moment was quite a bit to get our heads around however, as a business we have always been very agile which has served us immensely well in these current circumstances. We are learning to live and work through the challenges as a team with a clear vision to come out the other side.

As a father, I finally got the time to slow down & spend endless quality time with my girls, so secretly I loved it. However, Katy may have a slightly different version to my experience

Joe Farage with his 3 daughters at the Strand Arcade

Joe Farage with his 3 daughters at the Strand Arcade

To most of us, including our customers; you’re Joe Farage – Founder and Director of the brand that bears your name but to your three beautiful girls your just Dad – talk to us about how you manage to differentiate between those two personas and how you manage to stay grounded through it all.

There is nothing more grounding then having kids. No matter what is going on in your head, whether you have a lot on your mind or you are simply exhausted from a big day at work, the girls have this amazing way to get my attention on them. Whether it is walking the dog, or helping them with something they need for school, there is no option, the focus at home has to be on the girls.

Joe & Katy Farage having lunch with their 3 daughters

Joe & Katy Farage having lunch with their 3 daughters

What inspires you most about fatherhood?

I am truly inspired by my daughters; on the one hand they have this amazing innocence and empathy about them, yet they have this great sense of curiosity and adventure which I absolutely love. Let’s just say it keeps me on my toes and makes me strive to be the best version of myself.

Joe Farage with his 3 daughters at the Strand Arcade

What do you find most challenging about being a Father?

As they grow up, they don’t believe everything dad says anymore, suddenly, they know it all and it sometimes feels that every discussion can end up as a debate.

Also, with three of them, they can all want your attention at the same time. Sometimes It can be hard to find some one on one time with each of them.

Joe Farage with his 3 daughters at the Strand Arcade

What does a typical weekend look like in the Farage House & with three young daughters each with their own agenda’s, how do you ensure you have time to connect as a family.

When the girls were younger, most weekends were spent outdoors. Walks, bike rides and enjoying nature - now that they are older and much busier our weekends can end up with Katy and I both uber driving the girls around Sydney for sports or them catching up with friends. So now adays I do cherish those moments where we are all home together or just simply enjoying the outdoors.

Joe Farage with his 3 daughters at the Park

Joe Farage with his 3 daughters at the Botanical Garden in Sydnet

Joe is enjoying time with his daughters

Joe & Family are dining at La Rosa in the Strand Arcade