It’s been such a pleasure collaborating with you on a few key occasions now, in particular for racing carnival. On each occasion the media and fashion critics have totally embraced you & your outfits making huge impact… How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a bold dresser I think. When it comes to day to day stuff my personal style changes. Some days I’ll be ripped jeans, boots, leather jacket. Others I’ll be cute little skirt and top. When it comes to an occasion though I like to have fun, try new things, make a statement. I know some people can describe themselves as having a classic sense of style or they are really bright and happy with their clothes. I’m just eclectic. I can go pretty much any which way, dependent on my mood, what music I’m listening to, who I’m hanging out with. But working with Farage has been an amazing experience every single time. I love you guys.


Given that you’ve grown up around racing all of your life, with your father a five time Melbourne Cup winning trainer I’m sure that the Spring Carnival season holds a special meaning to you & your family – talk to me about that.

Absolutely. It’s a very important time of year for my family. One that can be stressful but very rewarding as well. My family has been involved in racing for over 100 years if you can believe it. I adore carnival time. But I’ve always viewed it as a time of year that involves a lot of hard work. The party vibe is incredible but I guess it’s been instilled in me from a young age that it’s work for my family. It still is for me even if I’m not training horses like my Dad.



What a huge year it’s been for you both personally & professionally – topped off with winning Dancing with the Stars, congratulations!  What’s next for you?

Yes a huge year! Im just working away! I’m loving my nightly radio show and reading news for Hamish and Andy, more TV, my debut novel will be out in April. There are plenty of little things going on which is amazing. I love having radio as my base and then bits and pieces to keep my creativity up.

dancing with the stars_quote


What keeps you motivated, and how do you remain inspired in such a fast and dynamic industry?

I’m lucky because I’m naturally motivated. I wake up each day motivated! I think I put a lot of pressure on myself though to perform and be creative and come up with new projects to be apart of. I just want to be my best, make people smile, have fun. What I do doesn’t necessarily save lives, but I hope some of what I do can make people happy. It makes me happy. If I ever get board or am not being challenged, I know it’s time to switch something up. I’m gradually learning about myself and how I best operate – but I know that slow and steady is not my speed. Never has been, never will be.

Name 3 things you absolutely cannot live without.

Exercise (running, yoga, pilates, gym, dance – anything), music and red wine.


Who’s style do you most admire & why?

Some of my style icons are obvious ones. I love Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker. Both have quirky eclectic style that I really enjoy. Closer to home, I recently worked with Megan Hess at the Melbourne Cup Carnival for Lexus and I love her style. She is like an angel!

A perfect Saturday for you would consist of?

Working out, a bit of beach time, having fun with family and friends with great food and wine. A night out with dancing and big laughs is ideal too. Probably heading to the races or the footy, followed by quality couch time and a good movie. Preferably something a little arty and thought provoking.



Best Eat … Buffalo Dining Club for a cosy dinner, Flat Whit for a chilled breakfast or lunch. I’m still on the hunt for Sydney’s best burger as well.

Best Drink …  Pimms at Chiswick or a beer at any pub.

Best Kept Secret … The coffee at Ampersand on Oxford St is some of the best in Sydney

Best Read … The sports section of all the daily papers, and a good scour through InStyle