Cool, sharp & modern… the slim fit suit in a rich navy blue , the crisp white shirt and the tradition of the red & white… Designed in Australia, Crafted in Europe & worn by AFL Champions… The Sydney Swans.

“We knew the guys would be great Farage ambassadors and as a fan I have been keen to kit them out for a while… The Swans are extremely well regarded in Sydney and right across the AFL community.  There are great synergies between both our brands & I’m excited to be in a position to build on this partnership for many seasons into the future…”

Joe Farage sharing his on his thoughts behind his decision to partner with the Sydney Swans …

In celebration of our partnership we chose to shoot our Autumn Winter campaign showcasing four of this season’s key leadership players…  Filmed against the backdrop of Elizabeth Bay House in Sydney, the boys were decked out in classic black Farage tuxedoes… The result – Cool, Modern and effortlessly Charming…

A minute with Ben & Ted

Training & team Prep aside – what is your match day must do that you swear by and why?

Ted: My routine on match day is simple & it hasn’t changed in years…  The ritual starts 2 days before game day with a shave; on my way to the game I listen to the same playlist on my IPod, I put my left boot on before my right and then head out onto the field for a warm up kick with Jarrad McVeigh.

Ben: I swear by a morning swim & walk followed by a coffee while reading over the sport & Real Estate section of the paper! My reasons?  Simple… A swim in the ocean every morning is my daily ritual; I find that even if you’ve had a bad day at least you’ve started it well! I do like to read over the sports section but the Real Estate section interests me…  I like to see what auctions or open inspections are on around my area – I may go along for a look as this clears my mind from thinking about the game. Plus it’s good to dream a little! On game day I find it is important for me to stay relaxed so that I have a clear & focused mind prior to the mental challenge that 120mins of AFL brings!!

When quizzed about his off field style, with a glint in his eye Ted Richards was quick to define himself as the “Go to” Player at the club for fashion advice… Outside of this he described his style as understated & timeless with a “No Bling” policy… We’re with you there Teddy!