As a Stylist I’m sure that you get to work with a number of key celebrity clients, who would be your favourite so far & why?

Every day there is someone new, they may be labelled as celebrity, but I may not even know of them before meet and work with them, but after research you realize their talent and following.  And then once meeting them it can be make or break; the admiration increases as the relationship forms.

Favorites are: Rose Byrne, Jessica Marais, Montana Cox and recently I’ve worked with actor Ryan Corr who is an incredible talent and all round legend!

Name the three key items that every stylish woman should have in her wardrobe.

Black tailored blazer, a crisp white shirt, and killer heels!


What’s inspiring you most at the moment?

The people I get to work with; that reinforces the love of what I do. I’ve recently worked with inspiring musicians, actors, models – people that are excelling in their field.

What are the key style-trends you’ve noticed coming through for women this winter?

One key trend is the over-sized cape/coat – either full length or crop but looking large & oversize whilst still remaining in proportion & layering is another key trend – dresses over sweaters; or styling a shirt under a dress – there’s a bit of a nineties vibe to this styling.

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You’ve always been such a great supporter of Farage; what is it about our brand that keeps you coming back?

 Its classic timeless design and quality of product is exceptional. I’m a big fan of the brand!

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t dress for impact or obsess a lot over what I wear too much. It’s a lot of Black & Navy and Black & Navy.  I like good boots, I feel dressed in a boot. Balenciaga, RM Williams, with slim fitting trousers; Throw on a great jacket and a t-shirt or just a nice shirt, roll up the sleeves and out I’m out the door.  I have had my fair share of interesting looks in the nineties and early naughties however I like now to be under the radar and choose classic pieces over trends. I’m always last minute getting ready if it’s for an event as I’m busy with everyone else. They are my priority, but I still want to feel good so for me dressing a bit more “un done” gives me more confidence.

final-long-upload_town-collagev2Weekends in my town

Best Eat… Friggitoria – Kings Cross – Do amazing Italian and home deliver.

Best Drink… A glass (bottle) of french Rose anywhere in a garden. 

Best Kept Secret… Flemington flower + food market.  Not sure how much of a secret it is as they are packed to the rafters at 6am, but amazing place to go for fresh produce and flowers.