As we close the chapter on Summer and drift into Autumn, we look forward to welcoming the cooler mornings; what are the best Tran-Seasonal Style tips that you’ve learnt over the years that you think everyone should know about? 

The best advice I could give is invest the most in pieces which you can wear all year round, season to season, and then update your wardrobe just with a few key things each season which are more “on-trend”. I always choose well and invest in handbags, shoes, jeans, well-cut blazers, and dresses that are trans-seasonal in cut, colour and material.

I think it’s about building a base of key pieces that are made well and never go out of style, and then having fun with the rest. For example, I have a couple of leather dresses that can look amazing with sandals in summer, a blazer and boots in spring or autumn and over the knee boots and a jacket in winter.


Name three key essential wardrobe pieces that you can’t live without

  •  Vintage Levis Jeans
  • Black Farage Tuxedo Blazer
  • My Givenchy Antigona Handbag


You’ve been such a great friend of Farage over the years; what is it about our brand that keeps you coming back?

A few things – I admire the craftsmanship, and how every suit I have is tailored perfectly to my body. I feel so powerful and chic wearing my Farage suits. No one lasts this long in the fashion game without being really outstanding, as I know from working in it for so many years that things can come and go. Farage is here to stay! What could be more effortlessly chic than a tailored black tuxedo blazer?


Talk to us about The MindHighClub. What is the essence of it and how did it come about?

Mind High Club was born out of my own experiences with overwork, stress and burnout, which led to a profound transformation and exploration of my inner world and a vision to empower other people to do the same. Mind High Club is a personal growth and wellbeing platform connecting people with transformation coaches, thought leaders, healers and a like-minded community. We provide the right knowledge, tools and resources for anyone looking to expand, grow, get clarity, free themselves from limitations, and move further self-realisation and fulfilment.

Our expert marketplace allows you to book directly with world leading transformation coaches, wellbeing experts and spiritual teachers to help you to achieve optimum health, personal growth and happiness. Our events, workshops and retreats provide mind-blowing transformational experiences and bring our community together to share ideas, support each other and ultimately be the change we want to see in the world. My vision is to continue to curate and aggregate the very best practitioners, wisdom, knowledge & resources and bring it all to the palm of your hand so you can continue on the next step of your journey. The three key components of what we do are: one-on-one online sessions with experienced professionals, experts, coaches, practitioners and healers who practice a range of modalities, online self-guided expert masterclasses, and in-person courses and workshops that share expert knowledge and amazing experiences with our community.


Between your Wellbeing & Meditation coaching, Mind High Club & your modelling career; I can only imagine how busy you must be – how do you juggle it all?  What does a typical workday look like for you?

There really is no typical day! You can find me either on a photoshoot, creating content, at my laptop working on the business, hosting meditation courses, in meetings or brainstorms, or one-on-one with Psych-K clients. It can certainly be a constant juggling act especially as things can change at the drop of a hat on a daily basis, and no one day or week is the same. Somehow it works, and I find a sense of balance by always making my own self-care rituals and wellbeing practices non-negotiable priorities. I’ve learned through direct experience that it’s incredibly important to continue to prioritize your own personal growth and wellbeing above all else, because this permeates into every area of your life and what will be drives your sustainable success.

That’s what my business is all about! These days I find although I’m doing more in less time, I don’t feel overwhelmed by it because I have a committed twice daily meditation practice, which helps me to remain calm, prioritize efficiently, be more productive and pause to enjoy life. Not a bad thing, right?! I believe that feeling busy is more of a state of being and mindset than it is a reality.

Two for the road

What are you reading right now?

At the moment I have three on the go. I’m reading Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural,

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad Gita, and Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski

What are you listening to right now?

At the moment I’m really feeling the Goop Podcast! Some interesting topics on there.

Cassie is styled in Farage, available now.

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