You’ve had an extensive career in the media across the last ten years, during a time which has seen immense change… What are your thoughts on the evolution of traditional media and what’s next for the industry?

I’m always energised by change. Sometimes I feel bored by the internet/media/content, and other times I feel excited. At the moment, I’m excited. It feels like we’re sitting at the cusp of change where we’re slowing down a bit, and giving space for more thoughtful content. Is the age of the thirsty headline over? It feels like it. At least from the publications I enjoy reading! My view is, if you’re creating interesting, insightful, inspiring and helpful content, people will read it.

Which is why in my own time, I’m also developing a new, very specific platform. It’s around a topic I’m passionate about, and my hope is that it will act as a resource to help women as they navigate what the future of wellness looks like in Australia. I’m being so ambiguous, I’m sorry — but I am excited to share more soon!


You’ve recently been announced as the Executive Editor of a newly launched Digital Publishing Platform; talk to us about The Latch, what’s it’s philosophy and what kind of content can we expect it to deliver.

Yes! It’s very exciting. On February 12 we sent TheLatch— live. It’s a new platform, targeted towards a gender-neutral audience. It exists to expand cultural conversations beyond clickbait and to give readers the tools they need to have richer conversations and a deeper understanding of the topics they care about. Our content sits within three pillars — entertainment, lifestyle, and beauty & wellness.

You’ll find relevant and responsive information through breaking news, as well as interesting long-forms and bite-sized pieces you won’t find anywhere else. I’m focused on delivering diverse opinions and voices across our platforms. We’re not 100% there just yet, and I want to be honest about that — but it’s been a big couple of months getting the platform ready for launch, and we’re working hard on delivering to our mission. We have great momentum and I’m so proud of all the team has achieved so far. It’s only the beginning!  

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a uniform dresser — simple and considered. My style changes slightly depending on the season. When it’s summer you’ll find me in wide leg pants or jeans and ribbed singlet. In winter, it’s the same pants/jeans with a turtleneck. When it’s that funny in-between weather, I’m in straight-leg jeans and a button-down. I throw my husband’s blazer over the top because I like how the shoulders are a bit oversized. The only exception is when I’m outside of business hours and the weather is sweltering — you’ll find me in long tunic-style cotton dresses. My summer wardrobe is heavily influenced by holidays in Greece visiting family. I’ve reached a point where I very rarely purchase on impulse. The first thing I look at is fabrication. I have a lot of Japanese denim and organic cotton in my wardrobe. 

I always accessorise with gold jewellery – I have a few heirloom pieces I never, ever take off, including my wedding rings and a few of my mum’s rings that have been re-worked into one special ring. I change up my earrings every day and love to buy ‘fun’ shoes — I think that’s where my money goes! Lately I’m in sneakers or slides but I’m rediscovering how fun a pair of heels can be.


Name the key items that you feel should be in every woman’s workday wardrobe?

A pair of straight leg blue jeans that you always feel 100 in (for casual Friday). An oversized white button-down shirt to wear with cigarette trousers. A black blazer (your call whether it’s fitted or oversized). An easy black dress you can wear anywhere in summer, and one for winter. 

Finish this sentence - The perfect Saturday for me would consist of…

The Saturday I have every week — a morning Pilates class on the Wunda Chair (my lastest obsession, giving Reformer a break for a while) followed by breakfast at Cornersmith. Then I’ll hang at home or go for a walk with our dog, Halloumi, and kill time until it’s an appropriate hour to make some margaritas and hang with friends. 

But if it was in my dream world, I’d be waking up somewhere in Greece. I’d head straight to the beach and pick up a freddo espresso and spanakopita on the way and then I wouldn’t move until the sun went down. Then, I’d go home for a shower to wash off the sand and SPF before heading off for a delicious dinner with all of my favourite people.


Two for the road

What are you reading right now?

I’ve had Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari on my bedside table for three months but I’m struggling to get through it. I just mentioned here because it makes me sound smart. I just read a few of Sally Rooney’s books (so late to the game) and they were a fun read. In reality, I don’t read as many books as I’d like to — I subscribe to some of my favourite websites and read on my phone instead — NY Mag, Business of Fashion and Digiday. They keep me entertained and inspired. Or, I like to get into a deep Wikipedia spiral, reading about historic events. Important to note here that by historic events, I mean everything from what Anna Nicole Smith was up to in the early 90s, to the break up of Gondwanaland.

What are you listening to right now?

I have terrible taste (or fantastic, depending on your view) in music. My most recently-listened to on Spotify are Feeling This by Blink 182, F*ck It (I Don’t Want You Back) by Eamon, Graduation and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West, White Noise For Sleep, and American Idiot by Green Day. I’m as confused as you are

Amanda is styled in Farage, available now.

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