At Farage we continue to draw inspiration from design & architecture for our collections & are frequently exploring ways in which we can fuse these inspirations together in a direct way with fashion.  So as the fashion partner  of Melbourne InDesign last year we launched a competition where five talented Australian Interior Designers were asked to create a shirt drawing inspiration from a piece of furniture & this is where our love for Adele Bates began…


Tell us about your inspiration for the shirt

The shirt design was inspired by the Earthquake 5.9 Bookcase, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Budri.

The bookcase is a wall mounted, modular and distinctively irregular shelf.

It is created using fragments of quake struck slabs, to create something beautiful, to inject life back into something that has been totally destroyed in the space of a few seconds.

Inspiration for the shirt and textile design is derived from the materiality and unique form of the bookcase.

The interplay of geometric line work and organic marble is translated through segmented shapes and negative space, creating a lace like tessellating overlay.

Contrasting the soft monochromatic palette derived from marble, the pattern is bordered by the white cut away collar, concealed front and patch pocket.

The geometry of the textile design lends itself to the nature of fine tailoring.

In recent years we have noticed the worlds of Fashion & Interiors become increasingly connected; why do you think this is?

There has always been a strong connection between fashion and interior design.

This connection speaks not just of aesthetics, but the deeper relationship between the body and its surrounds on a human scale.

Fashion designers often site architecture and interiors as starting points for their collections, and designers such as Tom Ford and Gianni Versace began in Interiors and Architecture.

Interior design has become a further extension of self-expression, as much as we express ourselves with our clothing.

You work with both residential and commercial interiors; from a design perspective – how do you approach each one and what would you say are the main differences between the two?

The final objective for residential and commercial interior projects is the same – to meet the client’s brief while designing spaces that create a unique experience.

The approach varies between the two.

Our interior design work for residential projects is specifically tailored to each client’s personality, both functionally and aesthetically, to create dynamic spaces that facilitate their individual way of life.

Commercial design reflects the company’s identity and ethos, whether it is in the fields of office, retail or hospitality work. It is about the psychology of spaces; creating a good dining experience, a fun shopping experience or an environment conducive to productive work.

Both fields involve translating the brief to achieve the best outcome; it’s simply a matter of person versus company, personality versus identity.

Though our projects vary a lot there is an underlying consistency of detail.

What projects are you currently working on & what’s next in the pipeline?

We currently have a very broad range of projects, from private residences, boutique apartments, restaurants, offices to product design.

Right now we’re having fun designing a restaurant in the Melbourne CBD.

There are always lots of exciting projects in the pipeline!

What is inspiring you at the moment?

Everything!  We draw inspiration from all aspects of life, from textures, art, furniture and products, international design fairs and even the most ordinary day-to-day objects.

As a designer it is important to have a broad scope of inspiration beyond your chosen field, it makes for good design.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic with a twist; It also depends on my mood.

Tell us the one item you will never leave home without?

Grown Alchemist Vanilla & Orange peel Hand Cream.


Best Eat … Cumulus on Flinders Lane is excellent no matter the time of day, you’re always guaranteed a fantastic meal in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Best Drink … Bar Americano in the CBD specialises in delicious cocktails, try The Aviation.